Artificial Disc Replacement

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What is an Artificial Disc Replacement?

An artificial disc replacement is a sophisticated surgical solution, in which your surgeon removes and replaces a damaged disc with a sturdier, artificial model.

Bulging or herniated discs are two of the main causes for back pain. When bulging or herniated discs push on adjacent nerves or the spinal cord, it can lead to painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Localized pain, radiating pain down the arms or legs, numbness, tingling, and muscle spasms or weakness are all possible side effects of a pinched nerve.

Fortunately, there are some valuable options for relief from disc pain. More conservative treatments will be the first step, and may include pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, or nerve ablation. When more conservative forms of treatment fail to mitigate these symptoms, then surgery may be recommended. A minimally invasive artificial disc replacement is a state-of-the-art surgical option that might be right for you.


Depending upon the location of disc damage, an artificial disc replacement can be performed on either the cervical (neck) or lumbar (lower back) portions of the spine. Because our intervertebral discs are located on the anterior side of the spine, the surgeon will make a small incision on the front of the body, either on the neck or abdomen. Organs and vascular materials will be gently moved to the side in order to access the damaged disc. Using specialized instruments, the damaged disc will then be removed and the resulting empty space will be maintained using metallic hardware that acts as a jack. Metal plates are fastened to the vertebrae, and the artificial disc is inserted into this empty space between the plates. The surgery is then completed by returning organs and vascular materials to their original locations and closing up the small incision. In time, bone will grow over the metal plates and the weight of your body will keep the disc in place through compression.

The execution of this fairly new and complicated procedure requires the training and knowledge of a skilled physician; Dr. Frazier of NYC Spine is just this. He has spent the last 3 decades working side-by-side some of the most advanced surgeons in the world and has mastered sophisticated techniques to resolve common spine disorders. With over 20 years of expertise and compassionate care, you can trust Dr. Frazier to ensure your recovery.

Can an Artificial Disc Replacement help me?

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What are the Benefits of an Artificial Disc Replacement?

Advances in the techniques and surgical materials that are used during artificial disc replacement have significantly improved patient outcomes for recovery. A minimally invasive artificial disc replacement is now more researched, effective, and safe than many other surgical interventions that boast similar benefits. Some of the advantages of an artificial disc replacement include:

  • A Less Invasive Alternative: Faulty discs were once remedied with more invasive and restrictive, metallic fusions. Traditional spinal fusion procedures result in spinal rigidity and reduced mobility for everyday activities. By contrast, artificial discs mimic the cushioning ability of our natural discs, allowing for more natural and fluid movement of the spine.
  • Smaller Incisions: Smaller incision sizes result in less blood loss, pain, scarring, and recovery time than traditional open-back methods.
  • Shorter Hospital Stays: Most minimally invasive disc replacements can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to return to the comfort of his or her home within hours after the procedure.
  • Less Recovery Time: Less trauma to the surrounding tissues and smaller incision sizes also mean less healing time and a speedier return to your everyday activities.

Worried that your condition may require an artificial disc replacement? Call NYC Spine today to see if this advanced technique is the right treatment for you. Our team will work one-on-one with you to evaluate your needs and provide the most advanced and least invasive options for your recovery. With over 20 years of experience in redefining relief, our team looks forward to helping you redefine your recovery!

How do I know if I need an Artificial Disc Replacement?

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Do I Qualify for an Artificial Disc Replacement?

If you have been dealing with the debilitating pain of a damaged disc for some time now, and more conservative treatments have not worked for you, then a minimally invasive artificial disc replacement may be your best option.

Keep in mind, however, that there are certain situations that may disqualify someone from receiving this type of surgery. These factors may include:

  • Excessive weight gain or obesity
  • Degenerative bone conditions, such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis
  • Co-occurring spinal conditions, such as spinal stenosis or scoliosis
  • Spinal infections (Osteomyelitis)
  • Allergies to the surgical materials used during the procedure

To assess whether or not you qualify for an artificial disc replacement, speak with one of our physicians today or complete our Confirm Eligibility tool provided below. Our patient advocates will be happy to discuss your specific situation and help you fully understand all of your options for recovery.

Concerned that your degenerated or herniated disc may require an artificial disc replacement? Our dedicated team of professionals has been setting the standard for disc replacement surgery for over 20 years!

Am I a candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement?

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Dr. Frazier is a Harvard-trained, board certified orthopedic spine surgeon. He’s held an academic appointment at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York’s SUNY Downstate. Dr. Frazier is also a respected lecturer, accomplished researcher, published author on spine disorders and treatment, and a consultant for several international spine companies.

After completing his undergraduate education at Brown University, Dr. Frazier attended Harvard Medical School, where he graduated cum laude. He completed a Harvard internship based at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA, followed by a Harvard combined residency before becoming chief resident at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Education & Training

  • MD / cum Laude, Boston MA

    Harvard Medical School

  • Residency, Boston MA

    Harvard Combined Orthopedic Residency

  • Chief Residency, Boston MA

    Harvard Mass. General Hospital

  • Spinal Deformity Fellowship, Miami FL

    Doctor's Hospital, Shufflebarger Fellowship

  • Academic Appointments, NY, NY

    Columbia University; SUNY Downstate

  • Consultant, Lecturer

    Nuvasive, Depuy & Stryker International Spine Cos.