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Ever since minimally invasive spine surgeries hopped onto the medical scene, traditional surgery has had certain stigmas associated with it. Many people, patients and surgeons alike, are under the impression that minimally invasive spine surgery is just flat out better. Such a presumption, however, is misleading, and in some circumstances, downright untrue. Weighing one against […]

At any given moment, there are at least 3 million people in the United States who are living with celiac disease. This number translates into roughly 1% of the population. Therefore, it is somewhat safe to say that the condition is not very common. That being said, the vast majority of people with celiac disease […]

Living with chronic neck and back pain can certainly be difficult. Every bend, twist, or turn of the head becomes a constant reminder that something isn’t right. If you are dealing with chronic pain, then you want the quickest, easiest solution to find relief. Fortunately, there are some time-honored approaches that allow for powerful symptom […]

One of a doctor’s greatest rewards is seeing a patient make significant improvements after a procedure. The joy of seeing a patient thrive affirms the value of orthopedic surgery in improving the quality of people’s lives. Meet the Patient Recently, Dr. Daveed Frazier met with a young school teacher who was suffering from years of […]

Sciatica is a medical condition that causes pain to radiate from the lower back down through the hips, buttocks, and legs. However, in the vast majority of cases, the condition only affects one side of the body (known as unilateral pain). Sciatica normally occurs as a direct result of some other problem, such as a […]

There are a number of different factors that play a role in whether or not a patient develops a degenerated disc. Though degenerative disc disease is one of the most common reasons that collapsed discs form, it is not the sole reason for the condition. For instance, a patient with a collapsed disc in the […]

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