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At New York City Spine Surgery, PLLC, our goal is to provide a positive experience for every one of our patients. Here are just a few of our success stories.

There are more than a dozen video testimonials in series. To view individual video testimonials, please click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the player.

xx Becky
Honeymoon is off to a great start! It's hard for me to imagine that a few years ago walking down the street was a challenge and here I am just a few weeks after my wedding surfing beautiful waves across the world. I'm truly grateful for the life changing surgery you did. 

I really loved spending time with you at the wedding caching up what little we could. I hope it's not too long until I see you again. We'll be in Tenerife in November if you want to try out a different Spanish island instead of same old boring Majorca ;) 

If at all possible I would love to get your contacts in Burma and I'm also very curious about the work Film Aid does, perhaps there's a chance for me to meet some people while traveling.

Prior to my surgery, I was almost completely disabled.  I was on full-time disability leave from my job.  I love my job and I missed out on everything my husband and I love to do. I couldn’t stand or walk for long periods of time.  I was suffering from severe lower back pain – my spinal column felt like it was on fire. The pain radiated through both hips and seared down into both thighs and to the knees. About 12 hours after my surgery, I was able to do short walks down the hall of the hospital.  Because of Dr. Frazier, I no longer have any radiating pain – my spinal column and hips no longer hurt. I’m now back to work as an editor.  I can now walk, cook and have returned to an active relationship with my husband.

I was in constant pain from lower back through my legs and I had difficulty walking.  After my surgery with Dr. Frazier, I was able to begin walking.  After my surgery, I was able to return to the gym and resume my regular exercise.

Before my surgery, I was not able to sit or stand without numbness and pain.  My groin and the left side of my waist would hurt day and night.  After my surgery with Dr. Frazier, I was able to begin walking the second day after surgery with a walker.  By day 4, I was able to walk by myself. I’m now able to walk a minimum of 2-4 miles per day.  Before my surgery, I was dragging my right foot.

I lived in chronic pain and it affected every part of my life. Dr. Frazier was able to remedy my cervical and lumbar spine problems. When I awoke after surgery, I was able to feel my fingers—without pain—for the first time in over 2 years. The relief was astounding, and as an added bonus, the surgery restored more than an inch of height to my spine!

Dr. Frazier is an excellent physician and I am very happy with my surgical outcome. He helped me understand that I was in good hands; his efficient manner and willingness to answer my questions relieved me of many concerns. My scar is almost unnoticeable, thanks to his surgical skill and attention to detail. Dr. Frazier and his wonderful team were there to lend support throughout this experience. I have nothing but praise for his work and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Before my surgery, I had difficulty walking and I was in extreme pain.  Shortly after my surgery, I was able to begin walking properly within 24 hours. I’m currently pain free and have been able to resume treadmill walking at 4 mph.

I was apprehensive going into surgery. If the truth be told, my surgery was nothing like I expected. I was up and walking within hours, and virtually pain-free by the time I left the hospital. Three weeks later, I was back to work and living my normal life. Dr. Frazier was wonderful! I manage a chiropractor’s office, and I intend to recommend him to our patients, when needed.

Prior to my treatment with Dr. Frazier, I had pain all the time.  I was suffering from the following symptoms, numbness, tingling toes, leg cramps and lower back pain. After my surgery, I was able to walk the next day! Because of Dr. Frazier, I feel 99% better.

I’m a professional performer, actor/singer/dancer.  The pain made it impossible to concentrate.  I couldn’t sit, stand, or even walk for very long without it acting up.  Being in constant pain made it difficult to perform at the top of my ability. I would experience radiating pain – shooting down my right leg – all the way down to my calf. The day after my surgery, I was able to walk up and down stairs. By day three, I could slowly walk 20 blocks. Because of Dr. Frazier, I’m now back walking, running and dancing!



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Malo Surgery Center 201 Route 17 North 12th floor
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Midtown Surgery Center 305 East 47th St.
New York, NY 10017
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Advanced Spine Surgery Center 855 Lehigh Ave,
Union, NJ 07083
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Denville Surgery Center LLC3130 Route 10 West
Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 973-328-3475
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Daveed D. Frazier, MD is the medical director of New York City Spine Surgery PLLC and specializes in non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments for back/neck pain and spine-related disorders. New York City Spine Surgery PLLC has 2 main locations in New York City and New Jersey with the main office located at 343 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019. Call 212-506-0240 for an appointment at either location. Fax 212-265-0739.